Running HD-VideoBench

At the web page, we provide a complete description of the benchmark, a link for downloading the source code of the applications and input sequences, and a script for automating the installation and execution of the benchmark. Furthermore, in order to provide a single front end to execute all the video Codecs, we have selected the MPlayer multimedia application. MPlayer is a free media player available for all major operating systems that includes support for multiple video Codecs by using the FFmpeg and other multimedia libraries like libmpeg2 and Xvid. MEncoder is a companion application of MPlayer that can encode audio and video in multiple formats. MPlayer simplifies the process of installing and running multiple video libraries because the calling of the video Codecs can be done through a single and unified interface. MPlayer selects the appropriate Codec and uses it to encode or decode the input video. By default, we have disabled the output of the video to the screen (-vo null) because we are interested in benchmarking the video Codecs not the displaying process. Table IV presents a summary of the commands for running the HD-VideoBench applications using MPlayer and MEncoder.

Table IV: Summary of HD-VideoBench Execution Commands
Codec Application Execution Command
MPEG-2 decoder libmpeg2 mplayer mpeg2/576p25_blue_sky.avi -vc mpeg12 -nosound -vo null -benchmark
MPEG-2 encoder libmpeg2 mencoder yuv/576p25_blue_sky.yuv -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo \
fps=25:w=720:h=576 -o out/576p25\_blue\_sky\_mpeg2.avi -ofps 25 \
-ovc lavc -lavcopts  codec=mpeg2video:vqscale=5:vmax\_b\_frames=2:subq=8:psnr
MPEG-4 decoder Xvid mplayer mpeg4/576p25_blue_sky.avi -vc xvid -nosound -vo null -benchmark
MPEG-4 encoder Xvid mencoder yuv/576p25_blue_sky.yuv -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo \
fps=25:format=i420:w=176:h=144 -o out/576p25\_blue\_sky\_mpeg4.avi  \
-ofps 25 -ovc xvid -xvidencopts fixed\_quant=5:max\_bframes=2:qpel:psnr
H.264 decoder FFmpeg-h264 mplayer h264/576p25_blue_sky.h264 -vc ffh264 -nosound -vo null -benchmark
H.264 encoder FFmpeg-h264 x264 -bframes 2 -no-b-adapt -b-bias=0 -ref 16 -qp=26 -analyse all \
--weightb --me hex --merange 24 --subme 7 --8x8dct -fps 25 --frames 101 \
--progress  -o out/576p25\_blue\_sky.h264 yuv/576p25\_blue\_sky.yuv 720x576

Mauricio Alvarez 2007-04-17