Mauricio Alvarez Mesa


Artículos de opinión (in spanish)

Hierba mala nunca muere: en este ensayo planteo una crítica al desarrollismo económico desde la física ecológica y planteo algunos interrogantes sociopolíticos desde el ambientalismo.

Film Critics & Pulp Movies

I am really engaged with contemporary author films.  I spent most of my free time inside a film teather watching movies. In the rest of my free my time I use to write some texts about the films I watch and I collaborate with a film society in Medellín (Colombia) called PulpMovies.

Pulp Movies Web Page

Colombian Peace Communities

The conflict that affects Colombia since the last decades has taken most of his victims into the civil society. That means in the persons that are not part of the armed groups: the official Army, paramilitaries or guerrillas. As a way of non violent resistance to the war some communities in Colombia have declared themselves as a "Peace communities". In this way they refuse to participate in the war or to collaborate with any armed group. Additionally they reclaim Justice, Truth and Reparation for the crimes that they have suffered.

I support these communities in their struggle for peace and justice.

Peace Community of San José de Apartadó.


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